Wednesday, June 2, 2010

bye bye blogging?

I have written a total of thirty two blog posts within the past year, this will be my thirty third post. But since March of 2010, I've written ten blogs. None of my posts have more than one or two comments, and I don't think that is very good. There wasn't really any post that got a lot of comments. Like I said, the most comments on one post were probably one or two comments. Most of the comments were from classmates or my teacher. I don't remember getting any comments from overseas. Mainly all of my blog is based on school assignments for class. I hardly ever, if not never, use it for personal writing. I enjoyed writing about where I wanted to travel because I got to think about everywhere in the world that i wanted to go and find out really cool things about it. My blog doesn't really have a theme, unless the theme is class assignments. Over the year I have not changed that at all though. I only have six widgets on my blog. I don't think that is nearly enough. I want more so that my blog stands out, but I don't want so many that it looks too cluttered. Even though school is pretty much over and the blogging challenges are over, I might start to use my blog during the summer for personal use.

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